Deadline looming for Museomix!

Having rescued my posts from my posterous site I have since failed to put them back up again on this my new shiny but sadly bunless blog. Perhaps no bad thing (a new start and all that), but I do intend to get round to reposting them here sometime. But not tonight, no for tonight I have to get my act together to apply to be part of Museomix in Ironbridge, November 8th -10th. Closing date is Monday so I can’t put it off much longer. I may be slightly crazy to apply, sounds like it will be 3 long and intense days… but also 3 days to remember! How could it be anything else when you’re teamed with a bunch of mad creative people who are happy to give up their time to get inventive and make things! And as Mar Dixon is the co-ordinator for the Shropshire Museomix I know there will be cake. So, off to the application form and fingers crossed for a place.